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Segregated portfolios

At Brompton, we believe private clients can best achieve their investment objectives through holding well-constructed portfolios of funds sourced from across the marketplace. We do, however, recognise that private clients may wish to move their established segregated portfolios to Brompton. Once such portfolios have been transferred, we move the assets into funded programmes over an agreed time period, taking into account our clients’ tax positions, (where specifically instructed), risk appetites and any particular personal requirements. During the transition period, the segregated portfolios are actively managed in accordance with their investment objectives and monitored for risk, with activity taking place within agreed capital gains tax constraints.

SIPP portfolios

Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) have grown to be a significant part of the private client market place. Such growth is likely to be maintained over the coming years because SIPPs offer private clients a tax-efficient environment in which potentially to build up their assets in preparation for retirement and maximise their income once they have retired. Brompton’s focus on real returns is aimed at satisfying the needs of personal pension investors and we have relationships with a number of the large SIPP providers.


Most UK private clients hold some of their assets in tax-efficient Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). We offer a transfer service and, once the assets have been transferred, clients’ ISA portfolios are managed in a way that is consistent with their overall investment objectives and appetites for risk. Multrees Investor Services acts as the ISA plan manager for such portfolios while Brompton is the investment manager.

OEICs and unit trusts

Families and groups of associated individuals can have their assets managed in tax-efficient authorised vehicles such as bespoke unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs) established to meet the specific investment requirements of their investors. Please note that these vehicles are bound by certain regulatory requirements as set out by the Financial Conduct Authority and UK tax authorities. Brompton’s fund managers have experience in managing OEICs and unit trusts. Investment within such vehicles can be actively managed without triggering capital gains tax (CGT) liabilities. CGT only becomes potentially payable on gains realised when the OEIC shares or unit trust units are sold. Brompton has relationships with providers of OEICs and unit trusts.

Offshore bonds

Offshore bonds are tax-efficient wrappers in which private clients can hold investment funds such as unit trusts and OEICs; they have advantages for UK-domiciled and international investors. Brompton’s investment strategies via funds are, therefore, particularly suited to the management of such products. Offshore investment bonds offer access to Brompton’s private client strategies within a structure provided by a financially-strong life company. Our clients retain responsibility for establishing appropriate structures for their circumstances; Brompton is responsible for managing their investments.

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