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Our investment process

Dynamic asset allocation

In tailoring our multi-asset investment service for you, Brompton will work in conjunction with your investment management department and your investment committee as well as your chosen provider of risk-rating services and your back-office staff. In aiming to meet your corporate goals and suit the needs of specific clients, we can deploy actively-managed, passive or blended strategies, avoiding prescriptive or off-the-peg solutions.

At the heart of our investment process is a recognition by our asset managers that correct asset class selection plays a critical role in delivering healthy risk-adjusted returns for investors over the long term.

In response we have evolved a disciplined investment approach we call dynamic asset allocation. There are three key elements to our investment process. Our starting point is to determine our asset allocation to reflect our prevailing views on global economic trends and financial market valuations. Then, we select the best fund managers we can find. Finally, we blend those managers into portfolios designed to meet our investors’ needs, factoring in their individual appetites for risk.

As time passes, these three elements are under constant review as we dynamically adjust the portfolios to reflect our views on fast-moving developments in the global economy and in financial markets to keep our clients’ investments on course.

Multi-asset investing

Introducing Brompton’s investment process