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Brompton wins CFi.co Best Asset Allocation Strategy (UK) 2021 award

Brompton Asset Management is delighted to be judged winner of the CFi.co – Capital Finance International 2021 award for Best Asset Allocation Strategy (UK). Dynamic asset allocation is at the heart of the Brompton multi-asset investment process because we believe this will be the principal driver of returns for investors.

Three major bear markets since 2000 have highlighted the importance of choosing an asset manager focused on determining if the environment is one in which investors will be rewarded for taking risk rather than simply seeking to deliver a relative return.

The CFi.co judging panel in its announcement said it was “impressed by the emphasis on real returns balanced by a healthy respect for risk management”.

Brompton’s dynamic approach provides the flexibility to invest globally on behalf of investors in all major asset classes. Brompton’s objective is to select the right asset classes, geographical areas and investment themes at the correct time in the investment and economic cycle and the investment team has developed its asset allocation process in response to this challenge. Brompton recognises the importance of building portfolios that are not wholly dependent for their success on a narrow range of investment outcomes and combines the assets in its portfolios to offer a measure of protection under a range of different scenarios.

Brompton’s investment team focuses on its strengths and only invests in high-conviction ideas, seeking to avoid consensus thinking and the team’s emphasis on forward-looking data and its strong valuation discipline often lead it to consider out-of-favour assets. The team’s investment process involves frequent meetings with specialist managers investing across the spectrum of different asset classes and regions and the team draws on their observations and experience when reviewing its strategy.

John Duffield, Brompton’s senior partner, says: “From day one we have endeavoured to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors and their advisers and asset allocation is a cornerstone of our approach. This award is testimony to the hard work of Gill and her team.”

Gill Lakin, chief investment officer says: “It is pleasing that the work of the investment team has been recognised with this award because asset allocation and risk management are integral to our investment process.”

The CFi.co announcement is available here: https://cfi.co/awards/europe/2...

Brompton wins Thomson Reuters Lipper multi-asset investment award

Brompton Asset Management is delighted to have won the 2018 Thomson Reuters Lipper UK small group award in the mixed assets class. This award recognises the achievements of Brompton’s specialist multi-asset investment team led by Gillian Lakin, the chief investment officer, who has managed the EF Brompton Multi-Manager OEIC range since its launch in 2012, delivering strong risk-adjusted returns over multiple years.

Brompton specialises in managing multi-asset portfolios on behalf of financial intermediaries, charities, mutual fund investors and private clients. Brompton focusses on developing close partnerships with strategic intermediary partners who seek an investment manager that can help them best deliver a centralised investment service for their clients.

Gillian Lakin says: “Our emphasis on dynamic asset allocation, active fund selection and integrated management of investment risk has delivered for our clients. It is pleasing that the investment team members, who include fund manager Sean Standen, head of fund selection David Hedderwick, performance and risk analyst Kevin Walker and Lewis Lawrence, have been recognised with this award.”

John Duffield, Brompton’s senior partner says: “Delivering good risk-adjusted returns for investors is key for clients and their advisers. This award recognises the consistent delivery of good investment returns by Gill and her team on behalf of clients.”