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Privacy policy

Protecting your information is important

Brompton Asset Management understands the importance you attach to information that identifies you – your personal information – and would like to help you protect it. We would like you to be able to deal with us in full confidence that your personal information will only be held by us in the way we have described to you and that it will be held securely. Our privacy statements, which tell you what information we may collect on you, can be read via the links below.

Privacy statements


We use ‘cookies’, which are small text files transferred to your browser by our website, to help with two aspects of your visit:

  • to allow our site to remember your preferences such as whether you accept our terms of use; and
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We do not use cookies that provide information to advertising networks or any third parties that might be tracking your activity across multiple sites.

If you use our website without disabling cookies, we will assume you are happy to receive them for the two purposes outlined above.

Please note some parts of our sites will not function when all cookies are disabled. If you have questions on our use of cookies, please email info@bromptonam.com.