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Our financial advisor proposition

Brompton’s award-winning multi-asset investment services and its investment support resources can play an important role in enabling financial advisory and wealth management businesses to achieve their potential.

In establishing a relationship with your business, Brompton will work with your senior managers, your investment team and/or your investment committee to help you create your own range of funds or model portfolios and to support you in establishing an appropriate and effective management, compliance and monitoring framework.

Brompton takes a flexible, non-prescriptive approach to partnerships and you select the type of investment service you need and the level of support from us you think is right for your business.

We can tailor our services to your existing centralised investment proposition and we will adapt our offering to your current business operations, including your back office systems and use of investment platforms, with the aim of avoiding unnecessary change and minimising disruption. You will maintain “ownership” of your clients while Brompton will offer the support you require in maintaining your relationships with them, complementing, not competing with, your business.

Brompton’s services for financial advisors and wealth managers include:

  • providing you with dedicated multi-asset investment management services;
  • helping you create your own range of collective investment funds;
  • helping you create your own range of model portfolios;
  • providing investment management on behalf of institutional clients;
  • designing actively-managed, passive or blended collective funds and model portfolios;
  • helping you design your centralised investment proposition; and
  • helping you design your own risk-rated range of funds or model portfolios.

If you would like Brompton to work with you in creating and managing your own investment fund range, the minimum size for assets under management within the range would be £50 million.