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Brompton is committed to offering its private clients the highest service levels.

As part of this commitment, each Brompton private client has a direct relationship with his or her fund manager.

This achieves two objectives. First, our discretionary clients have access to the decision-maker for the investments within their portfolios. Secondly, our fund managers can gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients. We believe customers value this personal level of service as well as the long-term continuity of personnel fostered by our partnership structure.

Communication is a key component in efficient client service – and we are committed to communicating effectively with our clients in difficult markets as much as in benign markets. Throughout the investment cycle, we aim to convey information promptly, simply and clearly to our clients and to their advisers, so the materials we provide can form the basis for healthy and pertinent discussions.

Such information includes accessible material about what is happening within client portfolios in terms of investment performance and portfolio changes. In particular, we aim to inform clients how changes have affected the performance of their portfolios and, equally important, how much risk is being taken to achieve the returns being generated. Clients can choose how often they receive information about their portfolios and in what form – electronic or paper-based.

To learn about how to access online valuations and information about transactions visit our online valuations page.