The story so far

Brompton Asset Management was founded in 2009 by John Duffield and three former New Star executive directors, Micky Astor, John Jay and Rupert Ruvigny. The firm, structured as a limited liability partnership, began trading as a regulated entity on 1 January 2010 and Gill Lakin was appointed as chief investment officer nine months later.

From inception, Brompton has focused on building two principal businesses, multi-asset investing on behalf of financial intermediary groups, private clients, retail funds and institutional clients and global property investment on behalf of institutional clients.

There have been a number of significant milestones since Brompton commenced trading as a regulated entity.

In July 2012, the EF Brompton Multi-Manager OEIC was established, initially with one sub-fund, the EF Brompton Global Income Fund. A further five funds, Global Opportunities, Global Equity, Global Balanced, Global Growth and Global Conservative, were seeded between November 2012 and April 2014. The six funds have clearly differentiated investment objectives and sit within the five principal Investment Association multi-manager sectors.

In December 2013, Brompton announced an agreement with the WAY Group. Under the agreement, Brompton purchased the right to manage the WAY Global fund range with £148 million of funds under management. The three funds within the Global range are the WAY Global Red Portfolio, the WAY Global Blue Portfolio and the WAY Global Cautious Portfolio. Following the agreement, the funds continue to be used as the core investments underpinning the WAY Group’s inheritance tax mitigation solutions.

In January 2014, the firm appointed Mark Skinner, New Star’s former director of retail fund sales and marketing, as an adviser to help develop Brompton’s business.

Alongside its mutual funds business, Brompton has focussed on establishing and developing relationships with a select group of independent financial advisers. Under such agreements, Gill Lakin and her team provide investment expertise, including asset allocation, fund selection and the construction of model portfolios and risk-rated strategies, to the clients of these independent financial advisers. The fund management team’s clearly-differentiated multi-asset investment philosophy is designed to cater for the needs of investors with a wide range of differing risk tolerances.