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Market outlook

Brompton invests globally in all major asset classes. In making asset allocation decisions, first, we use information conveyed by numerous data releases to build a picture of the global economic outlook. Secondly, we combine the message from the data with our knowledge and investment experience to determine which investments are likely to perform in the prevailing economic conditions. Thirdly, we analyse valuations to identify genuine opportunities. Please use the dropdown menu to view our current thoughts about each major asset class and geographical region.

    • Government bond yields fall to historic lows
    • Expectations of further US interest rate increases recede
    • Central banks in aggregate still expanding monetary support
    • US inflation data to improve as economy nears full employment and oil price recovers
    • Global consumers benefit from lower oil price
    • Some respite from dollar strength and rising commodity prices lead to strong gains for emerging market assets
  • “Brexit” decision increases volatility but asset class supported by prospect of extended monetary easing
  • “Quality” companies with strong brands, high barriers to entry and high earnings visibility now on high valuations relative to cyclical peers
  • Emerging markets on low valuations and buoyed by commodity price recovery
  • Valuations generally supportive although US appears expensive relative to peers
  • Yields at historically low levels as inflation remains below central bank targets and global economic growth remains subdued
  • Local currency emerging market bonds attractive given higher yields and improving current accounts
  • Gilt yields fall following Brexit but weaker sterling may prove inflationary
  • US intrest rate rises expected to be gradual
  • Labour market strengthens further as unemployment falls to 4.9%
  • US price changes back above zero and likely to rise further as oil price recovery impacts data
  • Consumer confidence high thanks to cheap fuel and higher employment
  • US presidential election creates uncertainty but no major change to monetary policy anticipated

  • Leading indicators rebounded in August to signal expansion but Brexit impact not yet manifest
  • Fall in sterling improves UK export competitiveness
  • Bank of England cuts interest rates, expands quantitative easing and attempts to foster bank lending
  • UK consumer spending remains robust
Europe ex-UK
  • Political uncertainty remains as populist parties challenge EU
  • Quantitative easing, euro weakness and low energy costs support eurozone equities
  • Unit labour costs show some convergence but not for all markets
  • Negative interest rates damaging for banks
  • Safe-haven demand strengthens yen and leads to stockmarket falls
  • Negative interest rates fail to weaken yen
    Bank of Japan may announce further monetary easing following recent fiscal easing
  • Japan still cheap relative to other stockmarkets
  • Japanese vote decisively for Abenomics in July 2016
  • Currency depreciations in August 2015 and January 2016 sparked fears of global deflation.
  • Since then renminbi regains competitiveness
  • People’s Bank cuts interest rates, reduces bank reserve requirement ratio and allows currency to weaken to support economy; further action anticipated
  • Impact of high debt levels on state and corporate sectors unquantifiable
Asia Pacific ex-Japan and emerging markets
  • Slower pace of expected US rate rises leads to gains for equity and bond markets
  • Fall in US oil output contributes to stronger commodity prices and benefits commodity exporters
  • Equities generally supported by valuations
  • India benefits from cheap energy and government reforms
Hedge funds
  • Sector performance disappointing
  • Fund selection paramount
  • Limited investments on behalf of clients
  • Lower-volatility funds with consistent returns may diversify portfolio risk
  • Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) regulation a Brompton requirement
  • Gold rises in response to slower-than-expected pace of US rate rises and increased risk aversion
  • Gold miners prove sensitive to gold price recovery
  • Chinese central bank purchases lower than expected
  • India acts to discourage gold hoarding
  • 2014 supply-side shock leads to oil price fall as producers compete for market share
  • US shale producers in financial distress
  • US output reduction leads to some recovery in oil price
  • Commodity prices remain sensitive to Chinese demand
  • Outflows from UK direct property funds follow Brexit; some funds suspend dealing
  • Fall in property shares may provide a buying opportunity
  • Property still preferred to some bond market sectors given yield support and potential for real returns
  • Post-referendum uncertainty will abate slowly but new capacity is likely to be limited in most sectors given post-credit crisis restraints on bank lending.

This market outlook is based on the opinions of Brompton’s asset management team at the time of writing, supported by publicly-available information and other sources that Brompton believes to be reliable. Brompton cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information expressed. The views and opinions expressed are subject to change. They do not constitute investment advice and should not be relied upon as such. Nor should they be considered a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell a security. Brompton will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use of this material. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and the value of investments, and the income from them, may fall as well as rise.